Noble Strategic Partners

Coalition Dedicated to Improving Texas’ Transportation Infrastructure System


Transportation experts, business leaders and other stakeholders across the state were becoming increasingly concerned about the ever-growing congestion on Texas roadways and deterioration of Texas’ transportation system. These individuals recognized the critical need for policymakers to identify and implement solutions that would restore an adequate and reliable transportation system to meet the demands of Texas’ growing population. What they needed was an organized structure and a unified voice to advocate for responsible transportation policies that would improve public safety, ease traffic congestion and protect the state’s economy and quality of life.


Noble Strategic created and managed a broad-based statewide coalition of individuals, employers, associations and public safety organizations to provide a credible voice in support of improving Texas’ transportation system through innovative and fiscally responsible solutions. Since the coalition’s inception in 2006, Noble Strategic has actively educated media, lawmakers and everyday Texans on the challenges, solutions and accomplishments of Texas’ transportation system.

The coalition has worked to increase awareness of the need for an adequately funded transportation system for Texas through media relations efforts, public service announcements, informational advertisements and social media efforts. Through an aggressive public education campaign, the coalition helped taxpayers, commuters, employers and elected officials better understand the transportation challenges facing our state and how these challenges affect public safety, quality of life and economic development. Noble Strategic then mobilized these Texans to become spokespersons for the issue among the media and local and state elected officials.


The coalition has played a prominent role in the statewide transportation debate since its inception through participation in various industry/policy meetings and events, community and business leader briefings, speaker panels, and media and lawmaker education efforts. The organization has also created and placed 64,000 radio ads, 429 billboards, and dozens of opinion-editorial pieces, letters-to-the-editor and news releases, as well as communications materials for members of the Texas Legislature.

Through its work with this coalition, Noble Strategic has successfully shaped how the public and lawmakers view transportation policies in Texas. Today, the coalition remains a leading statewide private sector voice in support of responsible state and local transportation policies.

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